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Like I say it is a prodding stick so I can feel the bottom I can check if the spot is hard or soft. So it’s a nice pond with a few nice carp. Well just before first light my left hand rod ripped off and I got a nice scaly one. Although it hadn’t kicked off like the previous evening we weren’t too disappointed. Look at them!. Thank you lads very much. and support on a storm pole for summer nights under the stars. I did a bit of free lining and luckily I managed to catch a few fish. We have spoke to some nice German Lads there are a couple of Italians who were just down this bank. Setting number two utilises the Speed Sensing Software and will work to eliminate. A lovely pretty fish again from Church Lake. I lowered them over the edge and sat with the rod tip high basically feeling for a bite. Bastl has been tying the rigs. Incredibly hot. That was enough for me to realise that the Key is something special. Two days later I had a take between 9 and 10 in the morning and it really was a one-toner. Just stopped off at a German petrol station to get our vignette. Alan Blair being Alan Blair had to go fishing. A feast mate I needed it and I’m reenergised. It’s such an underused method. Anyway nice big Fang X hook Cultured hook bait. wasn’t enough to tell me that the Key was a good bait. In my mind of course you have to be in it to win it. then grab a short length of PVA tape. Choose from 3.25lb to 3.5lb in either 12 foot or 13 foot. Having checked out the other side of the lake we ended up back at the house, deciding to load up the bikes and go stalking. By 4am and fairly well intoxicated with Jaeger we had danced all we could and jumped in a cab to head back to the hotel. Lovely times!. I’ve also got a very understanding girlfriend because I have got an addiction to carp fishing. I got down here on the Sunday and the weather was mental. Jan Robin and Oli plotted up in a big swim which was pretty much the only one on the lake. Somewhere over the years, true bite indication has been forgotten. So you will swap it ok. The fishing is just for fun?. The spot empty in the rain the previous evening was thronging with people. Again all on the Key. but the carp were spotless. That was an incredible fish. 9f3baecc53

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